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Protect your Company business with our robust and secured Nidhi Software solutions. We use multi-dimensional encryption methods to defend your organization from the malicious online malware and attackers.

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Optimize your system with us. G Tech helps you to make your present business systems reliable and transparent. Now you can achieve more productivity in your daily operations.

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G Tech Web Solutions is providing best custom made Nidhi Software to serve all the Nidhi Companies in India and abroad. Our Nidhi Core Banking Software is one of the best in class and it is available at an affordable price. To accommodate you more with it, you can book a free demo of our Application.

We have started our Software Development services in India on 2007. Almost 13 years passed and our software became more and more effective. Thanks to our professional and dedicated software development team who works effortlessly to make the Nidhi Software more useful.

You know that Nidhi Company provides financial services (Account Opening, Deposit, Loan etc.) among its members. And all the financial institutions today use high-tech banking software packages to manage all their businesses across India. If you are running this type of company and not using related applications, then you already felt the requirement. On the other hand If you have just started a Nidhi Company and wish be successful in the area of customer services, then you must employ our latest Nidhi Software.


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Why Need to Use
Nidhi Banking Software?

Why Choose Nidhi Software from G Tech?

When it comes to give quality services 13 years of experience and expertise make the differences. We are completely dedicated to the cause with utmost sincerity and punctuality. GTech web solutions Nidhi Software is exceptionally qualified to serve all kinds of small and large financial associations.



The Nidhi Software provided by G Tech fits on everyone’s budget. You don’t need to spend big bucks to hire it. With it you can reduce the workforce of your Nidhi Company. But you can provide world class financial services with fewer employees, effectively.


Simple User Interface

Our Nidhi Software is very simple to use. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the application is executed excellently. You can depend on your intuitive abilities to operate this software. It is extremely easy to install, update and maintain. It does not require any Third Party Software.


Available 24*7 Basis

You can access it 24*7*365 basis. Your clients can make transactions any time they wish. So your business will run even after the office is closed and in holidays too. Not only that, If your clients went to any other part of the globe, still they can use it without any difficulty.


Data Management

As the business of your Nidhi Company will progress, there will be more data stored in the system. The data will include detailed information of the members, credential of clients, employees, agents, accounts, reports & MIS, and many more. Our Nidhi Software will assist you to manage all these complex data.


Advanced Security

You should know that Financial Institutions are more prone to cyber attacks than the others. There is 300 times more probability. It was said by a USA based research team – The Boston Consulting Group. This is why Nidhi like banking company also needs enhanced security measurements.


Training and Support

beside all these you are going to have a professional award winning support team. They will train and guide you all kind of aspects of the software and operations modules. And after that if you are encountering any issue then you can contact our support staffs. And they will solve the issue instantly.

Like all other aspects of the new age technology, hacking also getting advanced day by day. They are trying to find new method to attack financial organizations and extract money. So if you are using ordinary banking software which provides low security, then you might be their next target.

We use advanced methods to make our Nidhi Software most secured. The security audits are being conducted regularly so that there no weakness can exist. We enable advanced firewall methods to prevent attackers. We deploy applications against malware and viruses and enable multi-level authentication to diminish the chance of getting hacked.


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