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Nidhi Software

The enormous diversified feature of the latest technically qualified software, Nidhi Software, renders the users the best in class facility to save their quality and thereby minimize the cost for the management. Working executively as the service provider to the Leaders of this business domain, we have been exclusively tagged the Leader Nidhi Software. Saving you hours to complete that intensive management task and organizational works, the Software also helps you automate your business activities. For more information please read nidhi software in kolkata .

Facilitates in serving you the most benefiting features related to the Windows based application of your system, we work enormously to operating the Software to your system and alternatively, run this in our servers. Stretching to facilitate you in delivering the quality and time disposal of our services, we respect and appreciate your right to, in-budget, quality delivery of your obligations. The enormous and multiple diversified benefits of the Software mark.

These listed features serves the user well by assisting them achieve their targets at ease and quickly, and rendering your business organization to spark out brighter for shining amidst the crowd. Stuffed with the most powerful features, this Software serves you the preference to widely display your product or service to the market.

Software Features (Click to span)

Master Entry Module

Branch Master

Region Master

State Master

Plan Master

Rank Master

Commission Master

Relation Master

Bank Master

Configuration Master

Target Master

Prize Master

Voucher Master

Account Master

Dividend Master

Maturity Master

Loan Master

Interest Master

Financial Year Master

Savings Account Module

Account Opening Entry

Account Approval

Account Transaction

Account Transaction Approval

Auto Interest Calculation

Auto Interest Payment

Account to Account Transfer

Account Search

Account Ledger

Account Report (All Category)

Account Passbook Print

Approval Module

Member Joining Approval

Associate Joining Approval

Investment Approval

Investment Renewal Approval

Certificate / Bond Approval

Savings Account Approval

Savings Account Transaction Approval

Loan Approval

Maturity Approval

Payment Approval

Cheque Business Approval

Other Approvals

Payment Module

Commission / Voucher Payment

MIS Payment

Spot Commission Payment

Maturity Payment

Advance Payment and Adjustment

Loan Payment

Prize Payment

General Account Related Payment

All Payments Transfer to Savings Account

Print Module

Joining Acknowledgement Print

I-card Print

All Kinds of Money Receipt Print

Bond and Certificate Print

Passbook Print

Voucher Print

CLD Print

SMS Module

Auto SMS

Individual SMS

Group SMS

Notification SMS

HRM Module (Optional)

HR Master

a. Department Master

b. Designation Master

c. Holiday Master

d. Salary Master

Employee Master

Weekly Off-day Setup

Off-day Settings

In and Out Timing

Employee Leave

Employee Leave Approval and Confirmation

Attendance In and Out

Leave Adjustment

Salary Generation

Salary Payment

Print Salary Slip

Employee Search

Block / Unblock Employee

Appointment and Offer Letter Print

Attendance and Leave Report

Member / Associate Module

Member / Associate Entry

Member / Associate Search

Member / Associate Joining Report

Member / Associate Detail Report

Member / Associate Wise Search

Associate Chain

Member / Associate Down line

Member / Associate Transfer

Member / Associate Rank Promotion

Active & Inactive Member / Associate

I-card Print

Loan Module

Loan Master

Loan Group Master

Single Loan Entry

Group Loan Entry

Loan Requisition

Loan Approval

Loan Disbursement

Loan EMI Payment

Loan Payment / Approval Report

Loan Disbursement Report

Loan Search Member / Branch Wise

Loan Account Ledger

Admin Module

User Management

Create User ID and Password

User Type Master

User Tracking

User Block / Unblock

Modify & Delete Any Data

User Activity Report

Send Notifications to Members and Associates

Inter Branch Communications

Modification Module

Member Modify

Associate Modify

Investment Modify

Investment Renewal Modify

Savings Account Modify

Savings Account Transaction Modify

Loan Modify

Loan Approval Modify

Account Related Entry and Payment Modify

All Payment Modification

All other kinds of Modification

Search Module

Member / Associate Search

Investment Search

Total Business Search (All Category)

Associate Self and Team Business Search

Loan Search

Savings Account Search

Approval Search

All kinds of Payment Search

All kinds of Print Pending and Due List Search

Maturity Search (All Category)

Team Wise Search (All Category)

….. and many more (Upto 50 types of search)

Auto Generation Features

Automatic Dividend Calculation

Automatic Interest Calculation

Automatic Voucher Generation

Automatic Installment Generation

Automatic Penalty Calculation

Automatic EMI Calculation

Automatic Cash sheet Generation

Stock and Logistic Module (Optional)

Stock Master

Category Master

Item Master

Supplier Master

Purchase Order

Stock Received

Order Book

Scrap Items

Distribution Requisition

Distribution Requisition Approval

Distribute Stock

Sale Invoice

Invoice Lookup


a. Inventory Report

b. Purchase Report

c. Distribution Report

d. Warning Report

e. Sale Report

f. Scrap Report

g. Stock and Out-of-Stock Report

Investment Module

Investment Entry

Renewal Entry

Multi-renewal Entry

Multi-investment Multi-renewal Entry

Investment / Investment Renewal Approve

Renewal Pending List Branch / Associate Wise

Search Investment

Business Report

Business Report Plan Wise

Business Report Summary

Business Certificate / Bond Approve

Business Certificate / Bond Print

Spot Commission Payment

Certificate / Bond Dispatch Tracking

Maturity Module

Maturity Master

Maturity Requisition

Maturity Approval

Maturity Payment

Maturity Part Payment

Maturity Re-investment

Maturity Search (All Category)

Maturity Report (All Category)

Voucher Module

Voucher Master

Voucher Root

Voucher Generation

Voucher Search and Print

Voucher List Search and Print

Voucher Summary Associate Wise

Voucher Status Report Print and Pay

Voucher Payment

Advance Payment and Adjustment

Voucher Payment Transfer to Savings Account

Accounts Module

Cash Book / Bank Book

Account Head Creation

Expenditure Group Creation

Budget Creation

Expenditure Entry Requisition

Expenditure Entry Approval

Expenditure payment

Other Income Entry

Budget Expenditure Requisition

Budget Expenditure Approval

Budget Expenditure Payment

Budget Expenditure Report

Branch Fund Transfer

Branch Fund Transfer Approval

Day Book

Trail Balance

Auto Cash / Balance Sheet

Cash Sheet Summary

Bank Deposit Entry

Bank Withdrawal Entry

Bank Account Ledger

Day End Denomination Entry

Branch Day End Closing

Report Module

All kinds of Member / Associate Report

Business Report (All Category)

Business Report Plan Wise

Business Report Summary

Associate Collection Report Branch Wise

Associate Collection Report Rank Wise

Associate Self and Team Business Report

Savings Account Report

Loan Report (All Category)

Income Expenditure Report

Bond / Certificate Print and Dispatch Report

Cheque Business Report

All kinds of Approval Report

All kinds of Payment Report

All kinds of Investment Report

All kinds of Modification Report

TDS Report

All kinds of Account Related Report

All kinds of Print Report

Member / Advisor Login Module

Modify Password

Update Some Information

Check Their Self and Team Business

Send Joining Requisition

Send Investment Requisition

Send Investment Renewal Requisition

Loan Apply

Loan EMI Payment

Send Account Opening Requisition

View Their Account Summary

Transfer Fund to Other Account

View Their Loan Status

View Last 6 Months Voucher

Utility Bill Payment

View & Print Money Receipt

Last Activity

My Notification

General Features

Real Time Update

Highly Secured

All data are Encrypted

Mass SMS /E-mail

SMS / E-mail Notifications

Fully Customizable

All Reports for Audit Purpose

User Friendly GUI

Easy to Handle (Without having any computer knowledge)

Bar Code Facilities

24*7 Online Support