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Protect your Company business with our robust and secured Nidhi Software solutions. We use multi-dimensional encryption methods to defend your organization from the malicious online malware and attackers.
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Optimize your system with us. G Tech helps you to make your present business systems reliable and transparent. Now you can achieve more productivity in your daily operations.
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Change your entire business operations by transforming it digitally. From now, you can operate your business more efficiently and get better results from all the resources that you have.

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As an NBFC, a Nidhi Company Software is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of new savings, loan, deposit accounts. Get highly secured and fully automated Nidhi Software with web based, desktop based and mobile application for Nidhi companies with customization as per customer needs with complete high data security. It is very necessary for efficiently managing all types of finance & banking related tasks in a short period of time.
Nidhi software is an integrated accounting software solution for Nidhi companies. It automates all the core operations of a Nidhi, starting from member registration to deposits and withdrawals, to loan management and accounting. Core Banking Nidhi software built with latest technology stack and it constantly updated with the latest advanced security patches. It is versatile cloud-based software that can be used for small businesses as well as large organizations.
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G Tech Web Solutions is providing best custom made Nidhi Software to serve all the Nidhi Companies in India. Our Nidhi Core Banking Software is one of the best in class and it is available at an affordable price. To accommodate you more with it, you can book a Nidhi Company Software free demo.
We have started our Software Development services in India on 2007. Almost 15 years passed and our software became more and more effective. Thanks to our professional and dedicated software development team who works effortlessly to make the Nidhi Software more useful.
You know that Nidhi Company provides financial services (Account Opening, Deposit, Loan etc.) among its members. And all the financial institutions today use high-tech banking software packages to manage all their businesses across India. If you are running this type of company and not using related applications, then you already felt the requirement. On the other hand If you have just started a Nidhi Company and wish be successful in the area of customer services, then you must employ our latest Nidhi Software.
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Why Need to Use Nidhi Banking Software?

  • mission1The Commercial World of today is completely depends on the technology. Companies are investing heavily on research and analysis to make it more business friendly. Now Financial services use far more advanced technology to manage it better.
    And those who are not using it, they are regarded as backward. You need to choose to what extent you can go with your Nidhi business and serve the clients in a never before way.
  • mission2You can make the services of your NBFC financial corporation’s better than it was never before. A Service that is completely dedicated to the clients, only. If you keep your clients happy, then your business will be there for a long time.
    Clients will return to you every time they need Nidhi Service. We will improve your customer retention capability. Without customer’s satisfaction, your business may fade into oblivion.
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When it comes to give quality services 15 years of experience and expertise make the differences. We are completely dedicated to the cause with utmost sincerity and punctuality. GTech web solutions Nidhi Software is exceptionally qualified to serve all kinds of small and large financial associations.
Like all other aspects of the new age technology, hacking also getting advanced day by day. They are trying to find new method to attack financial organizations and extract money. If you are using ordinary banking software which provides low security, then you might be their next target. So you can use our advanced nidhi software with high secured features for your organization or company.
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